Why 4K is future-proofing your investment

There are many factors you have to consider, when you come to making the decision of the film maker for your special day and quality is one of those considerations. The images that are produced will form a lasting legacy, so you want to ensure that the footage is shot in the highest possible resolution on the day.

What is 4k?

One of the ways to see high resolution images in action is to consider the images on your television screen. The main programme providers are producing images in high resolution 4K to match the technology of the new TV screens. As you would expect, the latest series of David Attenborough documentaries of wildlife from around the world is nothing short of spectacular, a cinematic feast for the eyes. It isn’t hard to compare the difference if you choose a TV channel that is showing programmes made over ten years ago, the brightness and clarity leaves a lot to be desired.

4K is four times the pixel resolution of its predecessor HD. That is four times more quality crammed into the same space.

What is the final footage being delivered to you, HD or 4K?

Is HD in decline

HD is in gradual decline when it comes to TV production and corporate work. However, it is still a format that is adopted on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as most of the images are reviewed on smart phones and tablet sized devices.

The good thing is, if you shoot video in the highest resolution possible, it will be automatically scaled to meet the requirements of social media, if you decide to share your footage online.

Smart TV’s and the 4K Revolution

When you receive your wedding footage you should expect to receive it in a digital format. At Ashman Event Video, we supply all proofs and final cuts of the work on a web service called Vimeo, along with the completed work on digital media.

Vimeo, similar to YouTube is a web platform used by video experts to distribute their work. For smart TV’s there is a built-in app so that the footage can be viewed in high resolution on your TV screen. Vimeo also offers the flexibility to share your footage with family and friends, by simply forwarding a link and optional password, if you want to keep things private.

For the traditionalists and those wanting to gift the footage to family members, a high-spec USB data drive is also supplied in a variety of gift packaging. USB drives can plugged directly into your smart TV or desktop/laptop computer for viewing.