The importance of video in the commercial world

The internet is a place we all go to find to find solutions to the challenges that we face on a daily basis. Whether it’s as simple as a search on Amazon for the correct consumable or looking for alternative ways to approach a subject on Youtube, the internet is our first port of call. We have all become used to instantly finding clues on our journey through the myriad of pages and our selections allow us to develop detailed and targeted approaches.

It’s true that your needs may be answered by the text or PDF document that you find, but more often is the case that a carefully constructed video will give you a more instant insight. Here are a just a few examples of where video can help your prospects find you.

Attract new clients

Before trying to sell to a given company or market, a video can be used to flag attention to your expertise. By providing thought-provoking content on your specific field means that even before your product or service is required, your future client is already tuning into your capability. This may be an excerpt or short clip that explains a theory or method, perhaps an innovative way of conducting a task or best-practise approach to a problem. The video doesn’t need to say any more about you, apart from a web address and your company strapline. Posting these regularly on social media, including Youtube, Linkedin, etc keeps your company at the forefront of the client’s mind without them deleting your content or connection.

New product releases

Every time a new model or version is released, accompany the items web page with a short update video, either from you or your early-adopter customers. YouTube is famous for this. Every new gadget that is released is instantly explained and recommended. These videos are easy to create and if they look professional and match your brand, it will only help to increase sales.

Training videos

Whether you choose to create an LMS – Learning Management System and charge your clients or offer free training modules, video is inevitably the platform to use. Ashman Event Video have teleprompters to allow you to deliver the words and pictures in one continuous message, saving time and avoiding extensive editing.

Sponsorship, awards and golf days

Get your brand across to your potential clients when you decide to sponsor or partake in an event. The good-will that you put out into the business and domestic community goes a long way to show how successful your business is performing. Add these videos to regular social media updates.

Your videographer will have the experience to take you through these examples and provide a quick and reliable method of brand promotion.

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