Video is the preferred method for 1000's of companies wanting educate a new and existing audience to the products and services that they provide. 

  • Social media clips

  • Training videos

  • New feature product launches

  • Customer golf days

  • Web site clips

  • Company awareness footage

  • Awards ceremonies

  • Sponsorship footage

  • Workshop / Office Drone footage


A picture paints a thousand words!  Release a message about your business on social media and direct prospects to your website, a video is a powerful advertising medium.

Above: A training program filmed and titled for Sales+Profit

What do you need?  Our equipment capabilities include:

  • 4K Ultra HD Footage

  • Large format, small footprint and sport cameras

  • Incredible sound quality

  • HD Livestream broadcasting inside or mobile

  • 4K High Quality Drones

  • On-site editing for social media

  • Autocue/Teleprompter for seamless interviews

  • Large format 8 x 6ft HD projector & screen

  • Full public address system & radio microphones

Is professional video expensive?

Capture an awards event, a corporate golf day or record a training session for around £300 or create a 3 min company video for £200.  In fact, social media clips can start as low as £50, a highly affordable way of keeping your name prominently in the customers mind.

Each video will be shot in the highest quality 4K and presented to you for approval before final production takes place.  Then simply download the completed footage and share away! - See the examples below...

Please accept our free, no obligation phone call to discuss your ideas and requirements.